Sneaker Dreams 001
Sneaker Dreams 001

Sneaker Dreams 001

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Framed 40x60 Mixed Media

Digital collage print with acrylic and aerosol paint, varnished with resin and adorned with crushed glass and diamond dust. 

Troubled is the soul that dare to be themselves, yet falter under pressure from society. See the thing about society is that its morality is conditional. People are placed into categories with specific roles and expectations. We, as a masses, collectively evaluate, decide, and persecute those that do not meet our standards. A boy is raised to be a man. There isn’t room for fragility or emotion in this pursuit; only strength and masculinity. We build our boys in an environment that nurtures the ideals of machismo, crippling their path of healing and feeling. Don’t worry young long as you look the part, they will leave you alone. But probably not if you're black.