About the Artist

Born and raised on the eastside of Houston, Kaima Akarue (who goes by Kaymah Draws) specializes in pencil and acrylic portraits. Her drawing aesthetic is realism where she is mostly inspired by the beauty of human nature. Conceptually, she likes to explore the duality of images and ideas with a lot of collage work. Her paintings are more stylized, relying heavily on the transformation of primary colors. Through yellow, red, and blue layers, her paintings create their own color palette and become a platform for the image to thrive. Although her interest in art started as an adolescent, she honed her skills in college where she minored in art at Sam Houston State University. Shortly after graduation in 2009, she taught art for two years before becoming a communications teacher. She took a 7 year hiatus to focus on family and grad school. As of late 2018, she started to get back into art for therapeutic purposes, showcasing in local art shows. Art has afforded her the opportunity to find herself again, and through this journey, invite others into this place that has become a visual and mental safe haven.