The daughter of a Nigerian immigrant father and a white mother, life afforded Kaima Marie the opportunity to exist simultaneously within two polars. From an early age, she was raised to embrace and celebrate her diverse makeup, while also developing a keen desire to embrace the differences of others. As a result, Kaima Marie has sought inclusivity and continues to explore identity. 

Kaima Marie was born in Houston, TX and you can see a lot of that diversity and cultural influence in her work. She graduated from the Dan Rather School of Communications at Sam Houston State University in 2009 with a major in Mass Communications and a minor in Art. Shortly after, Kaima Marie has been in education for 13 years and has taught art, journalism and graphic design. 

After a lengthy hiatus to become a mother and pursue her first master’s degree in counseling, Kaima Marie reconnected with her art professionally in 2018, showcasing at several local art exhibitions. Presently, Kaima is a MFA candidate in painting at the University of Houston