About the Artist

They say everything is bigger in Texas and that idiom reigns true for Houston native, Kaima Marie (who also goes by Kaymah Draws). Coming in at 5 foot 2, what she lacks in stature, she makes up for in drive, work ethic, and creativity.


Kaima is a contemporary artist who specializes in acrylic and pencil portraits, but is also open to other creative endeavors. Kaima is fascinated with the human face and even more intrigued by the mental and emotional stimulation behind popular culture and social norms. She likes to explore familiar images with a conceptual twist, often contrasting the foreground with an infusion of color, pattern, or an unexpected material like crystal stones and glass.


Although Kaima inherited creative genes from her grandmother and aunts, it wasn’t until 2008 when a college professor noticed her innate skills in life drawing and persuaded her to change her major from journalism (writing being her first love) and actively pursue a degree in art. From a novice to an art student overnight, she began focusing more attention on 2-dimensional aspects of creation like drawing and painting. During her undergraduate studies, Kaima also interned at Wade Wilson Art Gallery near the museum district in Houston where she absorbed knowledge about curation, proper storage and art installations. She graduated from Sam Houston University in 2009 with a major in Mass Communications and a minor in Art.


In 2010, she became an art educator, introducing art at an intermediate level while preparing students for scholastic competitions. She received two stipends for bridging the gap programs that allowed for cross-curricular learning through the fusion of sciences and the arts. Shortly after she received a teaching position in journalism at the secondary level, her creative itch manifested into other realms, where she developed experience in graphic design, photography and brand consulting.


After a large hiatus to become a mother and pursue her masters degree in counseling, Kaima reconnected with drawing as a means of therapy. In 2018, she began to pursue art professionally, showcasing at several local art exhibitions. In April of 2019, she was the featured artist at the renowned restaurant and Houston staple, The Breakfast Klub, only to be featured as the artist of the month again a year later.


After her mom passed away from cancer in 2019, her drive and ambition to create with purpose and fervor grew stronger, leading her to plan and execute two solo art exhibitions. Her ultimate goal is to create things that resonate with people.